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We know more than anyone else how important it is for you to get the best result out of your gun barrel and we also know how important it is for you to make sure that your gun doesn’t misfire, become blocked or even clogged over time.

That is why we will provide you with the finest gun barrels and at the best price, so you know that you can count on us to truly exceed your expectations. We take great pride in everything we do, and we are sure that you will do as well when you see the quality of our work.

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Barrel manufacturers are starting to realize the need to obtain more comprehensive covers for the emerging and existing risks of venturing into this field. Yet others wonder why they have to pay huge premiums which in truth are blown out of proportions by some unscrupulous insurers, nonetheless, one cannot overstate the importance of being insured by a reputable partner like Pembroke Insurances as seamless barrel manufacturer.

Operating under the assumption that they can comfortably keep their investments safe from loss, manufacturers seldom face the hard truth that they are exposed when disasters strike. Some hardly ever recover. So don’t make the same mistakes and most importantly for your business, get affordable rates with a customized contract unique to your gun drilling industry.

Get cover for perils that matter.

It might not seem like much at stake given your state of the art equipment and regular employee retraining but make no mistake, there are big risks involved with each and every piece that lands on the workbench. Not only are the equipment insanely expensive but also the risk of machine operators sustaining an injury during the drilling process is considerably higher for most other factories. Yes its also required by law but why do you have to go for the very minimum cover that doesn’t really offer you much in the way of protection from perils unique to your industry?

Injuries and the ugly lawsuits that follow

the last thing every business owner wants is an employee is injured or dies on their premises and there is a lengthy ugly trial that could seriously damage their reputation. Yes, yes you have top attorneys from the respected law firms in town working for you but there is really no coming back from a negative reputation especially on a search engine. Even a simple slip and fall accident could do enough damage to your good name. The liability for such accidents is usually directed towards your enterprise could quickly pile up into huge expenses. Pembroke insurances are there for a hard time like that to help sort out any mix up nicely to ensure that you get out every unfortunate happening financially unscathed and still enjoy goodwill.

Cost effective gun drilling insurance

You will find that some companies want to charge you an arm and a leg for industries that they classify as “special”. So it is better to work with an insurer who understands your industry well and its risks thus do not overprice their premiums just because they don’t understand it. Expensive premiums are like a thorn in the side, a constant source of discomfort and also a deterrent from reaching better services.

Insure against catastrophic loss

if your business were covered by the best insurer in the industry, you wouldn’t have to worry much about an unimaginable total loss that could run you aground. From fires to lawsuits, you will be rendered speechless by the number of outcomes that could drive any size of company out of business. While no exactly prays for such terrible things to happen, especially not Pembroke insurances, they do happen sometimes and when they do, it’s always a relief for those with a proper cover so the money keeps coming in and closure if any is only temporary rather than for good.

Protect yourself from loss of equipment to theft

when we are talking about gun drilling industries, you know that some of your new toys can run the gamut.  Theft can cause significant harm to your production process by stalling client projects underway and the cost of replacing the stolen objects. The good news is that you can steer clear of that kind of scenario with additional coverage for the itchy hand’s peril. Mind you, even with the best security systems in place (which will definitely lower your premiums significantly) you are still not theft proof as no system is.

Protection from lawsuits

If you are located in a quarrelsome community or market where healthy competition is not taken well, you will most likely find people throwing the most absurd claims against you and suing you in court. When that happens you will incur financial losses which can be adequately compensated by your policy. Also, if you should end up losing in court then it could do some real damage to your finances and assets which means you need someone to come to your aid and pray it not be a lender with insanely high rates.

Large insurance premiums for personal injury and illness

some underwriters will hike your rates for more claims made by your employees.  It is part of the reasons why directors of many businesses such as yours feel that they are spending way too much on their policies. Just the same, if you choose to go with the best in the business.

The bottom line:

The future of every gun barrel manufacturer is uncertain and risk is all too real to ignore. High precision machining like that used in deep hole drilling industries is all too sophisticated for most to understand the risks involved. But you hardly require insurance adjuster from insurances agency will tell you for free that there is need to cover your gun drilling works. Some companies in your industry do not seem to take insuring themselves against specific risks and getting additional coverage seriously.

In conclusion, while the gun drilling process has evolved quickly to near perfection and the process is entirely safe for operators, there are still blind spots and the perils are all too real. Depending on your the structure of your organization and the unique features that add to your continued success, you can land yourself a contract that won’t leave you out in the cold should trouble to arise. Also of extreme importance is to shop around for rates that are not draining your business of its capital. When you want to protect your business and employees or your personal assets as well as financial security, Pembroke insurances will give you the best policy for the right price.


Hunting is considered a fun activity, which is commonly enjoyed by numerous people. There are different types that can be chosen from, namely horseback and managed hunting. Today, we are going to focus solely on Horseback. This activity requires special types of stable equipment to ensure the entire process is simple. Horses have for a long period been used as a means of transport. Recently, gun drilling Company decided to hire equipment for their venture. There are numerous reasons why it is better to hire kits than purchasing your own:

  • These devices are rarely used. Therefore, a Company will only hire these devices when they need them.
  • Some devices are too expensive for Institutions to afford.
  • Operating some kits can be a bit challenging and therefore requires guidelines on how to operate them.
  • It perfectly suits those with impromptu plans that were not duly planned.

There are special tools used helped a trained horse attain a stable stamina when moving from one terrain to another. In addition to these, there are tools designed to help a horse remain calm during the gunfire.

The process of securing stable devices

This is one of the cumbersome processes for anyone planning on going into the wild for some catch. There are numerous stable equipment service providers in the market. There are specific things a person should do in order to choose a top-notch service provider:

  • Understanding what you need before stepping into the wild for a successful hunt. Being in possession of the right kits makes horseback hunt easy and more enjoyable. There are some cases where a person cannot afford all the tools.
  • Carryout a research on the highly rated service providers worth checking out. It can be through recommendation, moving around the market or using online channels. This criterion helps get rid of fake agencies in the market which have a habit hiring out defected machinery. A recommendation is considered a perfect platform for identifying top-notch service providers in the market. Recommendations are based on real-life interactions with them. Moving around the market is also another technique you can identify highly ranked hiring Company.
  • Reputation- Reputation is a key factor in this type of adventure. There are companies have a bad reputation for delivering old or defective materials. Therefore, it is essential that anyone, including Gun drilling institute, checks out what the market states about a specific service provider before commencing out any transactions with them. People should always go for hiring Companies that deliver quality stable equipment upon payment.
  • Money is always a limiting factor when it comes to seeking services. The process of hiring quality stable equipment for this activity kicks off by setting up a reasonable budget for this process.

How to identify quality hunting tools from a hiring agency

Gun drill Company recently decided to rent out and purchase some hunting tools. They were not aware of the process of checking out if some tools were defective. This step was risky, bearing in mind there are numerous cases of defective products in the market. Below are some techniques on how to identify if the machines are defective or not:

  • Checking out details about the available machinery- Numerous hiring Companies have websites. Therefore, it is not necessary to physically visit an agency. These websites contain the horseback hunting tools available and a brief description about them. The first step entails checking out if the desired tool is available or not.
  • The second step entails requesting a brief description of the available tool. Make an inquiry on the last time the tool was hired. People should be wary of the rarely hired machinery. Such machinery is either old or is likely to break down when a person uses them. Breaking down of required equipment can make this adventure very boring in the long run. It is prudent that anyone checks out the manufacturing date of the selected product.
  • Thirdly, it is prudent to request the selected rental agency an opportunity to check out the hunting tool. This ensures they are in a perfect condition before hiring them. It would be prudent to request if you can physically try out the hunting kit. Inquire if the tool at hand has ever been repaired. Always prefer to purchase new rather than second hand.

Let us cross over and look at things to do before the day after acquiring the necessary top notch stable equipment. First, Gun drilling Company employees and anyone planning on the horseback hunt must have training on how to use a horse for hunting. This is crucial as you might pass through dangerous slopes and ridges that require professional skills or accidents are prone to occur. Additionally, a person should insist on trained horses. They are trained to stay still during shootouts.

Moving on, an individual must get enough rest a few days before the hunt. This is because it can be tiresome than we think. Resting is a rare technique used to rejuvenate the body. Enough rest gives a person enough energy and concentration to efficiently carry out any wild hunt. In addition to all these, it is essential that a person eats healthy.  A healthy meal is the source of strength and energy. A healthy meal gives a person the necessary energy to move around during the activity. A healthy eating habit and lifestyle should be adopted a few months before the intended adventure. Lastly, there must be regular exercise or workout. There are numerous workout routines a person can choose. Therefore, an individual or a group should choose exercises routines they are comfortable carrying out. They range from hiking, swimming, running or attending aerobic classes, among others.

Horseback hunting routines become more enjoyable if a person is physically fit. Companies should consider bonding activities to enhance the performance of their employees. Choose quality equipment and enjoy the entire process.

With the future becoming uncertain with every passing day, it has become more important than ever before to get insurance for businesses. Even though this is something which is required by law, not a lot of companies seem to take it that seriously. This is because they believe that they would be able to keep their business safe from all sorts of harms and dangers.

However, this might not ring true in the case of gun drilling companies. With so much danger and uncertainty already being involved, the last thing that you would like is an accident to take place on your premises and a lawsuit to be directed at your company. While you might have lawyers to take care of that matter, that does not in any way mean that you should allow this kind of negative publicity to come your way.

On the other hand, people have also argued that coverage and premiums seem to be quite an expensive thing. While this might be true in some cases, there is no denying the fact that you would be able to get cost-effective insurance if you would get out and start looking for it.

The importance of insurance for businesses.

Therefore, if you are thinking about getting cover for your business, you would be curious to find out how it would be able to help you and your company. Based on that, you would then be able to decide if this is something which would indeed be good for you.

  • Catastrophic loss

A business cover would be able to help your business from closing down due to a huge and painful loss. One of the main causes it seem to be personal injury and fires. So, when your company would be carrying coverage against these types of losses, closure and loss would only be temporary rather than permanent. It would be because of this reason that you should always consider insurance for business interruption. This would act as a rider on your business policy. Thus, you would be able to get your peace of mind, knowing full well that cash would continue to flow while the matter is being sorted out…

  • Liability

If an employee would slip and fall while being in your workplace, the blame would directly land on you. This would be regardless of the fact that you had anything to do with it or not. So, if you would not have cost-effective insurance, this could then signal the end of your operations. Since liability insurance seems to cover accidents that tend to occur on the business premises, you would have the peace of mind that you would be completely protected.

  • Theft

Since this is a gun drilling company that we are talking about, the importance of these assets would be paramount. While you might already have all the necessary precautions and safety measures in place, there is no denying the fact that theft could take place at any time. It would be for this reason that you should think about replacement insurance for businesses. This would protect your company in the event that any equipment would be stolen, replacement of missing items, and even be paying for repairs from damage that has been caused by the invasion.

  • Litigation

In the modern day and age, you would find yourself to live in a quarrelsome society. Regardless of the numerous laws which have been passed to help protect businesses, you would still find your company to be the target of unwanted attention and lawsuits. In some cases, you might be being sued by other companies and individuals for various reasons.

So, while even the most absurd lawsuit could be expensive to defend, it would still need to be done otherwise. If this would not be done, then it could become quite difficult for you to uphold the image of your company. Also, if you would end up losing the lawsuit, then it could be quite detrimental to your gun drilling business.

So, depending on the structure of the business entity, both the business and owner’s personal assets could be at risk. So, malpractice and business liability insurance could at least cover part, if not all of the damages.

  • Personal injury or illness

Business owners would be recommended to have personal cover. This is because medical insurance would ensure that the bills which have incurred due to an injury or illness would not wipe out the assets of the business. So, if you decide to go uninsured, you would have to be well prepared for the fact that you could become bankrupt if you were to become ill.

  • Level of coverage

In order to go for cost-effective insurance, you would have to decide on the level of coverage that you would like to have for your company assets. Again, this is something which would also depend on the business structure, the industry, and a number of assets that your gun drilling company currently seems to possess. The location of your factory might also seem to be a factor in some cases

Tips for getting cost-effective coverage

Now that we seem to have covered the importance of insurance for businesses, it would also be a good idea to know how you would be able to make the entire situation work in your favor.

First things first, you should look for customizable coverage. In the case of gun drilling companies, you would be able to find a fair share of flexibility to be involved. Simply put, you would be able to decide which assets you would like to insure and which ones would not be that necessary. Again, this is something which would need to be done with careful thought and consideration. This is because one wrong move would mean that your entire company could come crashing down if something bad were to happen.

Other than that, you should also go to more than one provider. As a general rule of thumb, it would be recommended that you get quotes from at least three providers. In this way, you would be able to understand the differences and then make the best decision for yourself at the end of the day.


Gun drilling was invented in Europe well over two centuries ago. It is the process in which holes are drilled right into the metal alloy. It was invented in an effort to try and make gun barrels that are very long and very straight. This is what brought about the name gun drilling!

Before gun drilling was invented, blacksmiths had to create gun barrels by hand. They would have to take long strips of steel and a rod. This would otherwise be known as a mandrel. When gun makers started to make propellants that were much more powerful they then had to make gun barrels that were better as well.

Technological advancements meant that the barrels needed to be made out of a piece of metal that was completely seamless and that things needed to be done to make sure that it wasn’t weakened in any way.

The Gun Drilling Process
The very earliest gun drilling processes involved a solid bar. This was then paired with a twist drill. This new style of gun was forged from barrels and it was a seamless piece of metal. It was also much stronger when compared to those that were not seamless.

Of course, the early drilling process was a huge improvement when compared to early drilling and it went a long way in terms of the efficiency and even the precision that it has to offer. Of course, when you look at the early gun drillers, you will find that they produced stronger gun barrels with their twist and drill methods but the problem with this is that it was very inefficient when compared to the twist-drill method.

This is because the drill had to be retracted time and time again just to remove the chips that are present.

When these challenges were solved, it lead to the development of high pressure coolants and oil in the middle of the drilling shaft. Other innovations such as the burnishing pads helped to support the drill head and this helped to take gun drilling to brand new heights. Early gun drilling technology changed weaponry as we knew it and over time, it would then go on to change the world of manufacturing as we know it.

So gun drilling has changed a lot over the last couple of years and you would be surprised at how easy it is for you to now get a gun barrel that is properly drilled and to the highest possible standard. If you want to find out more about gun drilling or if you are interested in finding out about the barrel that you have then this has never been easier and all you have to do is take a look online today.

Gun drilling is a deep hole process that uses a very long and very thin cutting technique to try and produce holes in metal. This is done to a very high diameter ratio. When you take a look at the effectiveness of gun drilling in this modern day age, you’ll find that it is very effective and you will also find that they can be made to fit a huge range of guns as well. Gun drilling is usually measured with the diameter and this can range from 1 to 50.

A standard gun drill has a very effective cutting edge and this helps to remove the chips as the drill moves through the barrel. The drill is able to drill holes that cannot be achieved in any other way. This even includes twist drills and this uses pressure coolant to make sure that the chips are taken out properly, even when the depths are extreme.

Gun Drilling
Gun drilling was originally invented to manufacture gun barrels and this helped to make sure that the barrel was both straight as well as making sure that it is incredibly durable. On top of this, you will also find that gun tools have been made so that they can achieve maximum performance while also making sure that they are in line with all of the dedicated machinery that is in place.

When you look at gun drilling, you will find that it can be done on CNC machines however the performance that you get from this won’t be as good when compared to hand drilling. The gun drilling process is very much ideal for smaller hole diameters. This can include holes that are up to 50mm.

The Depth And Diameter
Gun drilling is the ideal process if you need a hole that is drilled to a set depth and diameter, and this is very important when you are using gun barrels. When you have a gun barrel you need to do everything you can to make sure that the barrel is suitable for the gun because if it isn’t then you run the risk of experiencing major problems at a later date. Your gun may malfunction and you may also find that it doesn’t fire properly and that it also misfires as well. You can avoid this by going to an experienced gun barrel manufacturer while also making sure that they are certified.

If you are interested as to how we can help you or if you want to find out more about the products that we can provide you with then the best way for you to do this would be for you to get in contact with us today.

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