Gun drilling was invented in Europe well over two centuries ago. It is the process in which holes are drilled right into the metal alloy. It was invented in an effort to try and make gun barrels that are very long and very straight. This is what brought about the name gun drilling!

Before gun drilling was invented, blacksmiths had to create gun barrels by hand. They would have to take long strips of steel and a rod. This would otherwise be known as a mandrel. When gun makers started to make propellants that were much more powerful they then had to make gun barrels that were better as well.

Technological advancements meant that the barrels needed to be made out of a piece of metal that was completely seamless and that things needed to be done to make sure that it wasn’t weakened in any way.

The Gun Drilling Process
The very earliest gun drilling processes involved a solid bar. This was then paired with a twist drill. This new style of gun was forged from barrels and it was a seamless piece of metal. It was also much stronger when compared to those that were not seamless.

Of course, the early drilling process was a huge improvement when compared to early drilling and it went a long way in terms of the efficiency and even the precision that it has to offer. Of course, when you look at the early gun drillers, you will find that they produced stronger gun barrels with their twist and drill methods but the problem with this is that it was very inefficient when compared to the twist-drill method.

This is because the drill had to be retracted time and time again just to remove the chips that are present.

When these challenges were solved, it lead to the development of high pressure coolants and oil in the middle of the drilling shaft. Other innovations such as the burnishing pads helped to support the drill head and this helped to take gun drilling to brand new heights. Early gun drilling technology changed weaponry as we knew it and over time, it would then go on to change the world of manufacturing as we know it.

So gun drilling has changed a lot over the last couple of years and you would be surprised at how easy it is for you to now get a gun barrel that is properly drilled and to the highest possible standard. If you want to find out more about gun drilling or if you are interested in finding out about the barrel that you have then this has never been easier and all you have to do is take a look online today.

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