Gun Drilling

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Gun Drilling Industry Hit with Big Insurance Premiums

Barrel manufacturers are starting to realize the need to obtain more comprehensive covers for the emerging and existing risks of venturing into this field. Yet others wonder why they have to pay huge premiums which in truth are blown out of proportions by some unscrupulous insurers, nonetheless, one cannot overstate the importance of being insured by a reputable partner like Pembroke Insurances as seamless barrel manufacturer. Operating under the assumption that they can comfortably keep... read more

Gun Drilling

What Is Gun Drilling?

Gun drilling is a deep hole process that uses a very long and very thin cutting technique to try and produce holes in metal. This is done to a very high diameter ratio. When you take a look at the effectiveness of gun drilling in this modern day age, you’ll find that it is very effective and you will also find that they can be made to fit a huge range of guns as well.... read more