Gun drilling is a deep hole process that uses a very long and very thin cutting technique to try and produce holes in metal. This is done to a very high diameter ratio. When you take a look at the effectiveness of gun drilling in this modern day age, you’ll find that it is very effective and you will also find that they can be made to fit a huge range of guns as well. Gun drilling is usually measured with the diameter and this can range from 1 to 50.

A standard gun drill has a very effective cutting edge and this helps to remove the chips as the drill moves through the barrel. The drill is able to drill holes that cannot be achieved in any other way. This even includes twist drills and this uses pressure coolant to make sure that the chips are taken out properly, even when the depths are extreme.

Gun Drilling
Gun drilling was originally invented to manufacture gun barrels and this helped to make sure that the barrel was both straight as well as making sure that it is incredibly durable. On top of this, you will also find that gun tools have been made so that they can achieve maximum performance while also making sure that they are in line with all of the dedicated machinery that is in place.

When you look at gun drilling, you will find that it can be done on CNC machines however the performance that you get from this won’t be as good when compared to hand drilling. The gun drilling process is very much ideal for smaller hole diameters. This can include holes that are up to 50mm.

The Depth And Diameter
Gun drilling is the ideal process if you need a hole that is drilled to a set depth and diameter, and this is very important when you are using gun barrels. When you have a gun barrel you need to do everything you can to make sure that the barrel is suitable for the gun because if it isn’t then you run the risk of experiencing major problems at a later date. Your gun may malfunction and you may also find that it doesn’t fire properly and that it also misfires as well. You can avoid this by going to an experienced gun barrel manufacturer while also making sure that they are certified.

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